2014 Scouting Ministries Sunday

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Burks celebrated Scouting Ministries Sunday on 2/9/14. Pastor Buck read Chris Alexander’s (Eagle Scout from Troop 166, 1980) words about his scouting experience at Burks:

More than anything else, though, Ray Robinson was the heart of the troop and the core of my Scouting experience. Whatever mark Scouting made on my character – and it made a very big one – is his work. His boundless patience with our foolishness; his gentle good humor; his quiet confidence when we were tired, lost, hungry, hot, cold, blister-ridden, bug-eaten, sunburned, homesick, bad-mannered – or just downright bad; his unfailing self-sacrifice of time and energy – all of this and more made him one of the most influential people in my life. If ever there was a visible saint, it is him.

Additionally,  the Scouts read the scripture and said the Scout Oath and Law.