Community Feedback

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You never know when your actions will have an effect on someone’s life. The messages below are examples of where our Scouting programs have made a difference in the lives of our community.

Greetings to the Current Members of Troop 166. My name is Chris Alexander. I am the director of the international studies program at Davidson College, a liberal arts college near Charlotte, North Carolina.I also am a proud Eagle Scout and former member of Greetings to the current members of Troop 166. I joined the troop in the fall of 1976 and was active into the mid-1980s. Ray Robinson was the scout master in those days. He continues to stand in my mind as one the very finest individuals I have known in my life. His influence on my life, and scouting”s, in general, was greater than I can say.In those days, Troop 166 had a reputation for producing some of the finest backpackers, campers and paddlers in the Cherokee Area Council. We weren’t much on uniforms and formality. We also had some pretty tough characters among our members. But we had an outdoor program that I would put up against any troop”s anywhere. Camping and backpacking continue to play an important role in my life. I owe that to Troop 166 and to Ray Robinson.In addition to my work in Troop 166, I also served on the Skymont staff for three years (1980, 81 and 82). I noticed some pictures on your site of some young men on a Polaris overnight trip. I was one of the very first Polaris staff members. I worked in the Commissioner”s Area for the last two years (High Adventure in my first year). We borrowed the Polaris program from another council and it was a great addition to Skymont’s program. We had some real adventures leading some of those first groups of first-year campers out to the backside of Skymont. Those three summers were the three best of my life.I stumbled across your website quite by accident. Seeing your photos brought back some very fond memories.
Best wishes to all of you,
Chris Alexander, Ph.D
Dean Rusk International Studies Program, Davidson College

I am the Asst. Cubmaster of 3116 at Signal Crest UMC. My 16 yr old daughter is a Venture scout, my 14 yr old son is a Life Scout, I have a 10 yr old Webelo, and an 8 yr old Bear Cub, so I know the values and good things scouting does. While cleaning out my email I ran across an old email forwarded to me that you had sent which had a link to 3266’s website. I decided to take a look at the website. The story about Pack 3266 Caroling at Children’s answered the question my wife could not. What Cub Pack came by caroling. The point to this very wordy, long, drawn out message is “THANKS”. My 3 yr old was a patient at Children’s the night y’all came visiting and he had to call me 3 times to tell me about the Cub Scouts singing, I had left less than 10 minutes earlier with the other kids. I tell him the good feelings he had about the music is why he got to come home the next day. As I said I know all the good things scouting does, I had just never been on the receiving side. So from a father and a fellow scouter tell your cubs, Thanks, they made a 3 yr old’s day.
Yours in Scouting,
Drew Hammett
Asst. Cubmaster 3116