Summer Camp

woodruffTroop 166 had a successful Summer camp at Camp Woodruff. Twenty-five Scouts and five adults attended camp. Scouts took various merit badge classes, some of which included motor boating, fishing, rifle shooting, swimming, and wilderness survival. They also enjoyed whitewater rafting on the Nantahala river. Thanks to the leaders for their support.

OA Recognition

order-logo-smallCongratulations to the Scouts and Scouters that participated in the Talidandaganu’ 293 Lodge’s Spring Ordeal. Troop 166 was well represented with one Scout going through the Ordeal process and nine others going through the Brotherhood process. For more information about our lodge, please visit

Cub Leaders BALOO Trained

Nine Cub Scout leaders participated in Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) training this weekend. Pack camping requires at least one leader be BALOO trained and be present at pack camping events. Thanks to the leaders and to the instructor, Bob Crawford, for making this training happen.

2014 Scouting Ministries Sunday

Burks celebrated Scouting Ministries Sunday on 2/9/14. Pastor Buck read Chris Alexander’s (Eagle Scout from Troop 166, 1980) words about his scouting experience at Burks:

More than anything else, though, Ray Robinson was the heart of the troop and the core of my Scouting experience. Whatever mark Scouting made on my character – and it made a very big one – is his work. His boundless patience with our foolishness; his gentle good humor; his quiet confidence when we were tired, lost, hungry, hot, cold, blister-ridden, bug-eaten, sunburned, homesick, bad-mannered – or just downright bad; his unfailing self-sacrifice of time and energy – all of this and more made him one of the most influential people in my life. If ever there was a visible saint, it is him.

Additionally,  the Scouts read the scripture and said the Scout Oath and Law.

Webelos and Boy Scouts Retire Flags

Troop 166 collects flags that have reached the end of their life and retires them. As a sevice to Burks United Methodist Church, Webelos from Pack 3266 and Boy Scouts from Troop 166 camped to monitor equipment set up for Burks’ Fall Festival. Historically, the troop has used this event to invite Webelos to camp and to get to know the Troop. After enjoying an evening of fun activities, the Scouts concluded the evening by retiring over a dozen flags.

Troop Visits the Yorktown

Scouts from Troop 166 visited the Yorktown. They saw the Yorktown, a great selection of aircraft, a submarine, and experienced what it is like to sleep on an aircraft carrier. They also had an opportunity to work on the aeronautics merit badge. The photo was taken as they left the ship.

Leaving the Yorktown

Leaving the Yorktown

Scouts Honor Veterans and POWs

Scouts from Pack 3266 and Troop 166 participated in a program to honor veterans and POWs. The Scouts presented the colors and Neil Carriker spoke briefly about Scouting and how many of the things taught in Scouting, like honor and duty, apply to military service. We thank those that serve and have served in the military.